My blueprint for sustainable city living

A step-by-step guide to off-grid living in the city.

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  • We were interviewed and featured on Domain.
  • We are calling for EOI to design a residential water recycling system. Details here.
  • And while you’re here….please sign our letter asking Inner West Council to consider letting me install solar panels on my front roof.


My name is Laura Ryan and I’m trying to find a way to live (affordably) off grid in the middle of the city. I’m 2 years into my reno planning and aim to finish building in 2021. Please use this site as a reference tool for your own build.

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Laura Ryan's sustainable house design

What we’re doing

Turning an old workers’ cottage in Sydney’s inner west into a fully off-grid sustainable house, documenting the whole project so anyone can copy it. Download my factsheet for a quick summary.

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Why we’re doing it

Because we’re in a climate emergency (yes really! – the climate scientists have told us so) and if we all don’t start to reduce our carbon footprint, we’ll have to deal with things like more frequent and fierce bushfires.

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How we’re doing it

We’re using a combination of Passivehaus building principles, off-grid waste, water, and solar solutions with sustainable interior design.

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