Grey Water
Recycling System

I’m still finalising the grey water solution.  If you’re an engineer and interested in joining the team please submit your EOI via the contact page!  Details below:


The purpose of this open EOI is for the team at the ImpossibleHouse to short list suitable respondents who will be invited to tender for the design of a residential grey water recycling system. The request for expressions of interest is open to all interested local and international applicants who meet the project criteria.


specific requirements for the grey water recycling system:

1.   recycle all water so that it may be re-used for drinking, the garden or the washing machine

2.   no water to leave the property (i.e. disconnected from the mains and storm water)

3.   support a 3 person household

4.   cost of the solution to be less than $30,000 (excluding your fee)

5.   the system must satisfy NSW health regulations


But in the meantime here’s the info I plan to provide on this page:

  1. Why I don’t want to be connected to the mains (environmental reasons, flooding, the cost of infrastructure, chemical treatment).
  2. The design
  3. The water calculator I have built for others to use
  4. How to save water
  5. Estimating your water usage
  6. No chemicals
  7. Access
  8. No sewage so no need for sewerage connection

Water Engineer Needed

We are calling for EOI to design a residential grey water recycling system.